In conjunction with its research, the Center for Digital Literacy, has developed and validated a number of surveys related to information and digital literacy and motivation to engage in research. Library media specialists and classroom teachers may wish to use these surveys to assess motivational aspects of middle school children's information seeking and digital technology skills. Educators can create their own accounts, then login to their own special page, select an appropriate survey, enter student IDs, deliver the survey online, and when all students have completed the survey she/he can retrieve a report with descriptive statistics of the results. Please feel free to try out our beta version of our survey tools (8/18/2009). Please understand the survey and survey engine was developed for educators for classroom or library use. It is not designed for large scale academic studies at this time.


For information about each survey currently available as well as some that will soon be made available, open this PDF document. You will find descriptions, suggestions for practical uses, and validity and reliability statistics.


An online training module is now available to help educators utilize this service. A help menu is also provided with each survey. Create an account or if you have an existing account, simply LOGIN to explore the surveys and see which ones meet your needs.


The Center for Digital Literacy hopes that these surveys may become useful resources in your own action-based research with the purpose of improving library media skills for your students. If you are ready to go through the survey tutorial, click the play button on the video below. If you would like to a larger screen view, just click on the You Tube logo.



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